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Jobb Világrend-Beiktatási Parti  -  Better World Order-Inauguration Party
Budapest, Hungary
Jan.20.2017. 17:00
Szabadság tér-Szabadság square  -  Bayer Zsolt beszédével

Trump - Szilárd Németh Vp. /FIDESZ/congratulates President-elect Donald Trump

Mélymagyar - English subtitle - 2017-09-29 - Agnes Gibboney(L.A.) & Ákos Szilágyi(New York) - EchoTV






"About 100 Trump supporters gathered around a statue of President Ronald Reagan in Budapest’s Freedom Square for a “Better World Order Inauguration Party.” The speaker was Zsolt Bayer, a prominent right-wing pundit who once referred to Jews as “stinking excrement.

Standing beneath a banner reading “Hungarian Deplorables for Trump,” he called on President Trump to combat political correctness, which Mr. Bayer said had created a world in which “only the white, Christian, heterosexual people do not matter.”

“For decades, we have been waiting for a miracle that will stop our world from running to its demise,” Mr. Bayer said. “Now, we are hopeful that this miracle is in the making.”

Mr. Trump’s support in Hungary rises beyond the small group in Freedom Square. The country’s prime minister, Viktor Orban, eagerly congratulated the new president on his victory."


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